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On Road Light Grade

OKO On Road Light Tyre Sealant Benefits:

  • Seals holes in the tyre tread area caused by a puncturing object up to 7mm in diameter.
  • Ensures a negligible loss of air pressure.
  • Specially formulated to provide long-term puncture protection.
  • Designed for use in tubeless tyres on traditional Land Rover Defender-type 4x4s, horse and boat trailers etc., light commercial vehicles.
  • In common with any other sealant, it is not recommended for use in low profile tyres of 40 profile or less.
  • Contains an environmentally safe rust inhibitor and anti corrosives for protection from rust.
  • (DO NOT USE with CHROME WHEELS: these are extremely fragile and in common with any chemical, OKO may cause bubbling of the thin coating).
  • Extends the useful life of a tyre.
  • Offers security – Adds safety – Ensures peace of mind.

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