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OKO On Road Motorcycle. Treats 2 tubeless motorbike tyres depending on size. Speed rated to 80mph/ 130km/h (where laws allow). NEW 800ml bottle treats both bike tyres. Also NEW 5 Litre can/ injector, and 25 Litre Drum, for workshop use,

OKO instantly seals multiple punctures with minimal loss of air or sealant. Even if the hole is too big, it helps slow down the pressure loss, allowing you to stop the bike safely.

OKO helps keep tyres at their correct pressure, for safer riding, longer tyre life & fuel saving. It is certified environmentally safe, containing rust inhibitor; it will not damage rims, wheels, tyre casings or inner tubes.

OKO Quad – for on and off road quad and ATV use, including racing quads. Also great for Side-by-Sides. 1250ml bottle treats 4 tyres of most quad sizes. Also NEW 5 Litre can/injector and the 25 Litre Drum, for workshop use,

Rigorously tested in all conditions: functional in extreme heat and cold.

The OKO motorbike and quad bike tyre sealant range is suitable for use in most tyre types and for all conditions. Do not use in wheels/tyres fitted with internal TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems), or with chrome wheels (chromed finishes are very fragile and any chemical may damage them: OKO is safe for use with steel and alloy wheels).

OKO is easy to apply with the valve core remover and filling tube supplied in every bottle: so get proper puncture protection for your machine.

For the OKO dosage per tyre on your On Road Motorbike or Quad/ATV, see our Dosage Calculator.

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