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Driving a tractor over a ploughed field or a forklift over rough terrain, you’ll be glad you fitted the original and best off road tyre sealant.

OKO Off Road can be found in the toughest environments in the World, so there’s nowhere in Great Britain that it won’t go.

‘Fit it and Forget Punctures’ in the tread area of the tyre.

Designed to seal punctures up to 12mm in diameter (can often achieve more depending on use and conditions).

Best used tubeless: but will normally function with inner tubes (the size of puncture that can be sealed will be smaller).

For most applications, replaces the need for solid fill: much cheaper, lighter and does not worsen the ride.

Can be used on road up to 80 km/hr (50 mph).

Lasts the life of the tyre in most normal applications (subject to usage conditions): will not dry out or separate unlike some others. Washes out after use.

OKO Mining X-tra Heavy Duty is for big tyres (typically 25″ or more) in the harshest locations of all, in mines, quarries and the worst construction site conditions: it will seal up to 20mm holes and slits in large tyres.

OKO ‘Mining’ X-tra Heavy Duty is for large tyres in the harshest locations of all, in mines, quarries, waste management sites and tough construction site conditions: it will seal 20mm+ holes and slits in big tyres.

OKO LifeLong is not a sealant: but for large thick off road tubeless tyres that do not suffer a lot of punctures it can extend tyre life by 30% and its free flowing nature makes it coat the wheel rim, protecting it with a nanotechnology solution that prevents and can even reverse corrosion.

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