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OKO Truck & Bus

 Carry our kit for those times when even Magic Milk™ can’t seal your tubeless puncture
 Compatible with all sealants
 Lightweight 28g/ 1 ounce kit
 Handy tool, with 3 fat 3.5mm diameter plugs and 5 thinner 1.5mm plugs
 Super-sticky ‘flat-fixing frankfurter’ plugs get you out of trouble

 Refill packs: 10 x 3.5mm plugs and 5 x 1.5mm plugs

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5 Easy Steps:

  1. Load up the tool from the side, squeezing the end of the sausage then pulling it through the prongs halfway.
  1. Press the prongs into the hole.
  1. Leave around 5mm of each end of the sausage visible, to keep the plug in place: the ends will press flat against the tyre.
  1. Hold the ends tight and pull out the tool.
  1. Reinflate with a CO2 canister (or track pump, if at home).

Chunky tool handle is stronger and easier to use than competitors.

10cm long big plugs are longer than many, for safer sealing.

Clear diagrammatic instructions.

For use with tubeless bike tyres only – will not work with inner tubes.


The plugs are made from synthetic latex: no rainforests were harmed in making this kit…

No nasty metals in the plugs

Lighter than most other kits

Easier to use


Kits are packed in retail display trays of 12 kits.

Multilingual packaging with clear diagrams and a QR code to this page.

Carry a Co2 inflator and canister with this kit in your backpack, and you’re all set for the trail…

No risk and safety labels or warnings are required since this product is not classified as hazardous under current regulations.

Keep away from small children. Do not ingest the contents.





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