Are you fit to be an OKO Tyre Sealant Fitter?

The AA used to advertise itself as ‘the 5th Emergency Service’, before it switched to showing their ‘very nice man’ coming to the aid of some mature ladies and getting them back on the road. Well, even more unsung and equally nice are the OKO distributors who specialise in fitting our sealants into your tyres, thus preventing punctures from ruining your day and causing you major inconvenience or even danger.


One of OKO’s leading UK lights in this respect is Gary Huckin, who runs Puncture Control, based in Swindon. His OKO-branded van is fully equipped to handle all sizes of tyre, right up to huge construction and agricultural sizes, and he covers a wide area, so much so that frequent calls are received at OKO Sales’s Birmingham office wanting to know his phone number because he was too quick for them to write it down. (It’s 0333 577 0505, by the way…) He can handle the biggest tyre requirements, as our picture shows…

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Caravan Tyre Safety


Gary carries the full range of OKO sealants, which are tailored to specific types of tyre and vehicle. But if he has a speciality, it is caravans – he is a well-known figure in that industry and has worked with most of the manufacturers. Caravan owners have a particular need for puncture protection – their machines often stay for long periods on their driveways or gardens then are expected to swing into life immediately. The condition of the tyres may have deteriorated and if OKO On Road has already been fitted, they will be significantly safer when they take to the road again. (The same is true of horse boxes, boat trailers, etc.)


The consequences of a tyre blowout on the road can be catastrophic for a caravan and its towing vehicle, so being fitted with OKO with its multiple puncture sealing capabilities is an important safety measure.


To see OKO in action, visit the Puncture Control stand at the Caravan Club National event at Weston Park, Shropshire, on 27 May- 1 June. Gary will be installing OKO, so book up now if you are bringing your caravan along.




The way that OKO works with its regional distributors is different to that of other sealant companies – we will never take money from you for the ‘privilege’ of working with us: there are no bogus ‘franchises’ and no minimum order quantities: we simply sell to you at excellent prices that allow you to build your business steadily and make a good margin from selling and/or fitting competitively to vehicle users.


And our pledge to you as part of our network is that we will promote the OKO brand through effective advertising and information (check out our positions on Google, our AdWords campaigns, our industry-leading website, the biggest range of new videos, independent test results, and the comprehensive literature that we supply free for your use).


If this sounds like the sort of opportunity that attracts you, then contact us to discuss it further.


In the UK: call OKO Sales on 0121 356 6565 or email [email protected]


In other countries: contact your National Distributor (see ‘Find a Distributor’ at www.oko.com) or complete the ‘Become a Distributor’ form to contact OKO Global, and we will respond rapidly to you. Let’s see if we are a good fit…