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    OKO Seals the Deal across the Middle East!

    The widely-read and respected ME Construction News publication has published this article about OKO, which has proven its worth in some of the World’s hottest conditions. We have long-established distributors in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel: and we are keen to meet established construction sector distributors in...

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    Conexpo 2020 – The Last Great Picture Show?

    I am old enough to remember the movie ‘The Last Picture Show’, Peter Bogdanovitch’s great black-and-white elegy for a disappearing way of life in a Mid-West American town.   This was brought to mind as OKO Tyre (Tire) Sealants made its first appearance at the huge triennial Conexpo construction...

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    Does OKO Look Different to You?

        If you feel you haven’t heard much from OKO recently, it’s because in addition to fulfilling our ever-increasing worldwide order book, we’ve been occupied with redesigning all of our products.   The job is now more or less complete, and as stocks of the previous designs run...

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    OKO Embraces Facebook – on its bike…

    We are not exactly the first manufacturing company to embrace social media – but having seen many others’ efforts (on Facebook in particular) we are reminded of the party to which nobody came. Typically, companies take on an office junior to ‘do social’, and a Facebook page emerges –...

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    OKO Tyre Sealant – it’s in the mix…

    The continued growth in OKO sales in recent years has led to some distributors asking if we can keep up with demand. Nevertheless, ever since we have been monitoring our delivery performance under our ISO 9001 quality procedures, we have rarely failed to meet the tight standards that have...

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    OKO Tire Sealant arrives in the USA

    Although OKO is represented in over 80 countries around the world, a coverage that far outstrips any other tire sealant manufacturer, during our 37 years of innovation we have been conspicuous by our absence in the United States of America. But now that’s all changed. Having had a few...

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    Want to protect your Caravan from punctures? Join the OKO Club…

    OKO has been used to stop caravan and trailer punctures and avoid accidents for decades, but honestly speaking we have never made a big thing about it – so caravans have been an under-reported part of our repertoire. Now that has all changed, thanks to our go-ahead Authorised Caravan...

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    Why Your Car’s Puncture Repair Kit may let you down Flat…

    If you’ve bought a new car in recent years, the chances are that you won’t find a spare wheel. But be honest, have you taken the time to examine the alternative emergency puncture solution that the manufacturer has bought in as an alternative? If not, I suggest you do...

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    OKO Tyre Sealants – doing a Leicester…

    This is a year that we will remember for a sporting achievement that no-one foresaw and most of us could scarcely believe. 2016 is the year in which to ‘do a Leicester’ will be commemorated in popular history. The little guys triumphed against colossal odds. And that may seem...

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    OKO 2015: online and on the move

    As the year draws to a close and we carry out our obligatory look back at the highlights, it is clear that OKO has enjoyed another record sales year and that is due in no small part to the digital advances that we have made.   OKO is primarily...

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