Pump Up the Volume – it’s the new release from OKO…


It may seem a bit ‘geeky’ for us to get excited about a pump, but this is no ordinary tyre sealant offering – it’s the all-new OKO Drum Pump.

Our previous model has served us well for many years, but we decided it was time to make a change – and there followed over a year of testing and gradual improvement as we developed a new and superior design. Frankly, we found that the pumps being used by rival tyre sealant firms are not up to the job.

If you have to deal with any of the following issues, then call OKO – we can offer you not only a superior sealant, but also a better way to deliver it into your tyres:

  • Pumps that rust – if your seller advised that you have to grease the pump or spray with WD-40, then you’ve been sold mild steel pumps that will not last without a lot of work on your part


  • Pumps that have to be assembled – frankly, that’s just lazy. Why should you or your staff do all the work?


  • Pumps that are attached to a removable pail lid – what a pain, and how messy when you have to switch to a new pail/drum


  • Pumps that are not calibrated in your measurements – we see too many that have not been converted from US measures to metric (or vice versa), resulting in confusing and meaningless code numbers on the dosage tables


  • All-plastic pumps – these are just not fit for purpose, and will break just when you need them the most


  • Pumps that do not work against air pressure – it’s important that you do not deflate the tyre needlessly because it can damage the weak sidewalls to have the weight of the vehicle resting on them


  • Small-capacity pumps – there are companies selling models that only deliver 100ml from each downward stroke. This makes a large off road tyre installation a very slow and aggravating process…


  • Excessively expensive pumps – your supplier should not be seeking to make a big margin on this essential piece of equipment


The all-new OKO Drum Pump avoids all of these problems, having these features:

Drum Pump (extended)

  1. All-aluminium construction, including handle, for maximum strength and freedom from rusting
  2. Larger 250ml per stroke capacity for faster filling
  3. Increased air pressure resistance – now up to 60 psi/ 4.1 bar
  4. Adjustable collar and shaft markings (50/100/150/200ml) for accurate delivery
  5. Heavy-duty clip/on valve nozzle, with tap to allow easy charging and drip-free delivery
  6. (Bicycle market model) Presta/French valve adapter
  7. Attractive pricing for this item that every user needs
  8. Easy-to-follow multilingual instructions in the pump’s box


And existing users will be pleased to know that the new pump is designed to screw onto OKO drum spouts without any adapter being needed. It all adds up to a simply better sealant supply solution…