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    Why On Earth (or in the air) do you need Nitrogen in commercial tyres?

    Typical Mining Vehicle – with OKO: and N2?   You may have been encouraged by your tyre bay to invest in having them replace the natural air in the tyres of your heavy-duty OTR or On Road vehicle fleet with more or less pure nitrogen (N2). Why? Well, the...

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    Does OKO Look Different to You?

        If you feel you haven’t heard much from OKO recently, it’s because in addition to fulfilling our ever-increasing worldwide order book, we’ve been occupied with redesigning all of our products.   The job is now more or less complete, and as stocks of the previous designs run...

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    OKO and its LifeLong commitment to wheels and tyres

    Every 2 years, the construction industry from UK (and all over the globe) gathers to see mammoth machines being put through their paces in the immense Hillhead quarry in the beautiful Peak District of Derbyshire, England. And this year, it was hot, hot, hot… And in June 2018, every...

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    OKO Tyre Sealant – it’s in the mix…

    The continued growth in OKO sales in recent years has led to some distributors asking if we can keep up with demand. Nevertheless, ever since we have been monitoring our delivery performance under our ISO 9001 quality procedures, we have rarely failed to meet the tight standards that have...

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    OKO tyre sealants thrive in 2014

    Looking back, as is only right at the turning of the year, it has been a hectic one for OKO Group in its international growth as the manufacturer of the ‘world’s favorite tyre sealants’. Here are just some quick snapshots of 2014’s highlights.

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    OKO tyre sealant – London to Uzbekistan without a flat

    “Where” I hear you asking, “are the 4 noble lads of the ‘Yak to the Future’ team”, in their OKO-equipped pink Nissan Micra, named Coral? They set out, more in hope than expectation of completing the arduous course from London to Ulaanbaatar, on the Mongol Rally 2014. They have...

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    OKO exhibits at EXPOMIN 2014, Chile

    OKO tire sealants are going down well in South America – right down into some of the biggest mines on earth. In Chile, OKO Distributor La Salette SpA is having great success with selling and installing OKO Mining tire sealant in vehicles used in mines. And with OKO, it...

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    Can you drive to Mongolia? Not without OKO

      Having already supported a team who successfully completed the epic Rickshaw Run from one end of India to the other, when we were asked to help a team on the Mongol Rally (run by the same organisers, The Adventurists) we naturally agreed. What is the Mongol Rally? It...

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    Ballast in Tractor Tyres

      One of the commonest arguments that we at OKO hear from famers about why they ‘cannot’ use tyre sealant in their tractors is that they must ballast their tyres (usually just their rear tyres) with water for reasons of traction This is actually not good practice – and...

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